Ju Mann


Rap musician and CEO of music label L.M.E (Lucrative Music Ent), Henry Beard Jr. better known as “Ju” or “Ju Mann” was born on September 12th 1991 in  Allendale, South Carolina.  By the age of ten he moved to Schenectady, New York and had big dreams about his future in the Big Apple. Ju has been in the music industry a short while (since 2015) , and his music has already made an huge impact on those around him. Ju Mann receives a lot of love and support from his fans an family back in his neighborhood as well as in other states like ATL, California, Florida, an Ohio. Fans summarize his music with one word “FIRE”. Ju Mann plans on releasing a series of mix-tapes this year, after the summer sometime possibly sooner depending on the demand from his fans. Ju Mann also mentioned he is also currently working on his own debut album as well called “A Seat At My Table” which he says has no date on it but to expect to hear the single from it real soon. When Ju Mann started his rap career he was strictly known for “Talking that shit” (TRAP TALK) and now he feels he has evolved an no longer limits himself to a specific genre of music. Ju Mann says “I just make music at this point, whether it’s trap musik or a love song, it’s up to the beat an the mind state I’m in at the time”. His main focus is to get his family an friends out of the rough neighborhood they all grew up in. Ju Mann is determined to succeed in life and one way he plan to do so is by showing the world just how versatile he can be with his music, while at the same time sharing a story millions across the world can relate to. #Jumann #LME

Words from the artist 

The “Welcome To HH” album is OUT NOW !!! Go download On iTunes ,Spotify, YouTube, Tidal, an of course you’ll always have it first on the OFFICIAL LME website. An expect more 🔥 on the way … ENOUGH SAID !!!!